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12:05 UK time, Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor ran into an old friend on the way home from a work party last night... Punorama. (Long-time readers may wish to add an exclamation mark to the end of that sentence.)

So, in honour of one's former Monitor stable mate, here is a salute to the punners of Fleet Street.

First up, the Sun:

  • "BEER WIGGO" = Bradley Wiggins and his night of celebrations after winning Sports Personality of the Year
  • "SWIGGO" = ditto
  • "queasy rider" = ditto
  • "Trident tested" = Russell Brand carrying a three-pronged spade-like implement
  • "Get me snout" = fox with head stuck in a car wheel

Next, the Daily Star:

  • "KNIGHT ON THE TILES" = Wiggins, granted a premature New Year gong by the paper
  • "BRADLEY'S SWIGGIN'!" = take a guess
  • "VAT'S NOT FAIR" = campaign to waive sales tax on the Hillsborough Christmas single

And the Daily Mirror:

  • "Bradley Swiggins" = can you tell what it is?
  • "Dreaming of a light Christmas" = the streets well-bedecked with boughs of festive decorations
  • "BIG BRUMS" = Birmingham has largest average waistline in the UK

Think you can do better? Send your puns, using the letters form on the right.

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