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13:28 UK time, Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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One picture dominates. It's the uniformed figure of Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar, the first soldier to parade outside Buckingham Palace wearing a Sikh turban.

The changing of the guard is the occasion. Cue gift-wrapped metaphor for editors looking to illustrate the census.

The Guardian: "We're different now: census shows a changing of the guard in Britain."

The Times: "On parade, the changing face of modern Britain."

The Daily Telegraph talks of the Scots Guardsman "forsaking the bearskin". Careful saying that after a few sherries.

The Daily Mail calls him the "sentry-box Sikh", which just sounds weird.

It points out that Sikhs have guarded the Queen many times before but never without the bearskin. Bhullar is a 25-year-old former builder from West Bromwich, we learn.

"There was no mistaking the pride on the face of Guardsman Bhullar, who wears his regimental cap badge on his turban," the paper's royal correspondent writes.

There's also something endearing about his expression. In Paper Monitor's humble opinion, it mixes ferocity with mischief, although it's probably treasonous to discuss the demeanour of the Queen's guards.

So readers please keep schtum.

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