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15:16 UK time, Thursday, 6 December 2012

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It's inquest day.

How did a couple of chancers from Australian commercial radio manage to get through to the nurse looking after the Duchess of Cambridge?

Especially by people who think Kate is the queen's granddaughter or who say things like "Ok, I'll just feed my corgis then".

For the Sun, it was HIGH TREASON. Note the caps for what is a capital offence. Especially if you're from "Oz".

The crime has been on the statute books since the reign of Henry IV, the paper informs readers.

An unnamed legal expert says: "It would be open to the attorney general to consider the possibility of a prosecution for treason."

The paper shows its liberal colours when it suggests the duo may escape beheading: "The penalty for high treason is DEATH - although a life sentence is more likely."

Watch out for dawn raids in Sydney by Henry IV's crack troops.

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