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Paper Monitor

12:49 UK time, Monday, 3 December 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.


Go on, guess - the masthead of which newspaper?

Not the Daily Express.

Nor the Sun.

Certainly not the Guardian, with its muesli-munching, Guardian-reading credentials to maintain.

Give up?

It's the Daily Telegraph.

Meanwhile, in other never-thought-one-would-see-the-day news, the Times has written an editorial in text-speak:

20 yrs ago, all this wld have been incomprehensible. Bcoz that was b4 txt mssging hd arrived. 2day, tho, thnx 2 the ubiquity of SMS, every1 knos how 2 use abbrevs, even if predictive txt smtimes leads 2 mudflaps. Whoops. Mishaps.

It also manages to get in another dig at David Cameron for not knowing that LOL means "laugh out loud".

Ha! That gets Paper Monitor every time, and your humble correspondent would ROLF all over the place if one could only work out what the R and the F stand for. *confused face*.

And finally, after a spell of plummeting temperatures, the Daily Express Weather™ does not have a frosty scene depicted on its front page. Repeat, not.


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