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16:18 UK time, Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Interesting that the UK doesn't make the list at all.
Joseph, London

Good news, Colin - Monday letters - and MJ - Friday letters - you are both wrong, and both right. It's just that the Hubble telescope has better things to do.
Ps, three more measures for the monitor:
1. Garden shed
2. Visible from space
3. Exceptionally huge
I'll get my spacesuit.
John, Sevenoaks

Hold onto your horses (or should that be donkeys) Ted - Monday's letters - the Pope didn't declare that the angels did not descend to Earth and sing to the shepherds to proclaim Jesus's birth, but rather he is claiming that they only spoke, albeit with such melodious rhythm that it sounded like singing. Now, I really never would guessed that.
Jonathan, Freising, Germany

I loved the articles on Hinglish and Hobson-Jobson. I've just returned from a fabulous few days in Bombay during Divali, and was proud to attend the Founder's Day service of the school mentioned - the cathedral and John Connon High School, where my mother was head girl, then a teacher and finally Headmistress in the 1950s. She also served on a commission with Lady Rama Rau which looked at the best option for a national language after independence. She recommended English because it was the most spoken worldwide and so would help India trade and grow successfully. Understandably, Hindi was chosen, but English is so widely spoken, and of course Hinglish words are so pervasive, that her recommendation has, in fact become real.
We left India much of which to be proud, but the greatest of these is English!
Oenone Westbourne, Olney, Buckinghamshire, UK

"Dry Lane in Crawley, north of Witney, is closed due to flooding".
Another classic example of reverse nominative determinism.
Chris Malton, Southampton

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