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18:00 UK time, Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Whilst I was disappointed that Michael Stocks' missive (Monday's letters) didn't contain an amusing anecdote, I thought I was agreeing with him, until the end. In my experience (state school, my own and my chidren's education) musical instruments are only taught if the parent pays extra for it, and school music lessons consist almost entirely of singing.
Chookgate, Milton Keynes

So I suppose, Michael (Monday's letters) you would equate the playing of chopsticks on the piano or (shudder) 3 blind mice on the recorder with being able to write the likes of 5318008 on a calculator?
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

To Prospective Clown (Monday's letters): Surely you're also potentially Broke. Personally, I'd go for the red nose and oversized shoes...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Dear Paper Monitor - you might like to pass on to the punsters at The Sun that no, Van Gogh did NOT paint nudes.
Colin Edwards, Exeter, UK

I think we all rather make a spectacle of ourselves when breeding.
Rusty, Montreal, Quebec

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