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16:17 UK time, Monday, 5 November 2012

One of the answers to the 7 Days' quiz states that President Putin's new Zil limousine took six years to build. That can only mean that the workers at the factory are incredibly slow: the alternative would mean that Mr Putin ordered it during his last presidency, in the knowledge that he would be voted president again after Mr Medvedev's term in office. And since Mr Putin is such a democrat, he could not possibly have known in advance that he would be elected president for the second time - could he?
John Whapshott, Westbury, England

So it takes 6 hours to reset Big Ben's clock from BST to GMT (Friday's 10 Things....). So when they're finished is it 5 hours slow - oh, or would it be 5 hours fast? Hmmmm...
JennyT, NY Brit

Why does it take six hours to set Big Ben from BST to GMT? (10 Things, Friday) Can't they just stop it for an hour?
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

Sue and John Sudworth. I've had Bell's Palsy too and was treated with steroids. I didn't have holistic therapy but I too made a full recovery.
Paul, Ipswich

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