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09:25 UK time, Friday, 9 November 2012

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It's Friday and Paper Monitor would like to propose an end of the week parlour game. It involves randomly picking married couples - celebs, friends, colleagues and "meshing" their names. It will all become clear.

The Telegraph reports on what it describes as atrend for married couples to blend their surnames after they tie the knot.

The practice started in the US, but according to the paper, figures obtained from the Deed Poll Service show that 800 British couples "meshed" their names this year.

By way of explanation, Claudia Duncan of the service explains that many people find it more "romantic" than double-barrelling.

The paper's editorial, headlined: "Spliced as wan and mife" warns of the "hidden dangers at every level, all the way from Bosh and Pecks to the Widdletons."

It also points out that the example that is always given in relation to "meshing" is of Michael Pugh and Rebecca Griffin, who changed their name to become Mr and Mrs Puffin.

So go on, get your friends to join in. Paper Monitor will start you off:

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince: Mr and Mrs Mince.

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