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15:13 UK time, Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mr Bullock of the British Pig Executive? Ooh, so close.
GDW, Edinb

I liked the article on the wi-fi names but perhaps I should explain the name I have given my router. Once upon a time I only owned one computer. Then I bought another to go in the bedroom, so the "main" computer was named the Master, whilst the "other" was named the Companion. Then I got a netbook which - because it travelled everywhere with me - was called the TARDIS. My smartphone - which goes in my pocket - is the Sonic Screwdriver, so naturally my router is... the Time Vortex. Yes, I'm single.
Basil Long, Nottingham

"Only three out of 92 English league clubs offer a day out for less than £20." A "day out"? Someone remind me how long a game of football is again?
John Bratby, Southampton

I must say I really appreciated your showing how much snacks cost at football grounds by using a pie chart.
Valerie Ganne, Penarth, UK

Is Paper Monitor nonplussed at this article because s/he believes that passing off a text description of a BBC2 documentary as an article should be strictly the domain of the Magazine?
Michael, Edinburgh, UK

Debbie (Tuesday's letters), you didn't need to hop out and in. When I was at Salford University I would sometimes ride over the top or under the bottom. I didn't turn upside down once.
Paul, Ipswich

Ross (Wednesday's letters), definitely hold off on the "wang us" expression if you come to the US - if you check an urban dictionary for wang you will find its common meaning over here is something you probably don't want to be talking about with work colleagues.
Jenny, Chicago

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