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14:33 UK time, Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.
It's headlines quiz time.

The rules are simple. These headlines come from the papers. No more than one from any paper. And not all papers are represented.

That should be obvious as there are more than six British national daily newspapers.

Hint: The Daily Sport is not one of the answers.

1. "Britain's postgrad crisis puts us on the same level as Kazakhstan".

2. "Gunships and Pip's party tips".

3. "Some day my prints will come: Charles treks off in search of Hobbit's foot".

4. "Fertility benefit of a little housework".

5. "The party's OVER when you hit 40".

6. "Charity saves food from landfill to feed poor".

Answers now follow.

Wait for it.

Keep waiting.

Here they are:

1 = Independent. Pretty straight sort of education story to start us off. No Borat reference would have suggested heavy rather than tabloid.

2 = Sun. Bit trickier as one can guess it's about Pippa Middleton and a number of the papers carried the story.

3 = Times. Slight googly as there's a bit of a pun but it is from the newspaper of record.

4 = Daily Telegraph. Not easy. "Fertility benefit" suggested a heavy but topic fairly light.

5 = Daily Star. This one probably caught out all but the hardcore. Only the capitalised "OVER" gives any inkling of Star quality.

6 = Guardian. Easy one to finish with.

That's your lot.

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