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17:06 UK time, Monday, 15 October 2012

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The Daily Express updates readers on the argy bargy taking place between British and French fishermen in the English Channel.

Tension is rising in the scallop war - or la guerre des coquilles, and the Navy has dispatched a vessel.

In the mounting dispute over access to scallop stocks, French fishermen have threatened to blockade Channel ferry ports.

And last week, British trawlermen off the coast of Le Havre were reportedly pelted with rocks and other items.

But the paper quotes fishermen who say they are feeling reassured now they know Navy back up is on the way.

"Since last week it's been quiet but the French fishermen could come back," said one.

Now for those of you who haven't been following this, the Express provides a handy Q&A box, which asks the question: "So why are the French stroppy?".

Here's the answer:

the French agreed a self-imposed ban on trawling in the area from May 1 to October 1. This ban did not affect the British boats fishing in international waters. The French accuse them of threatening their scallop industry.

Memories of the Cod War of 1975-76 that pitted Britain's Royal Navy against Iceland's coast guard are raised.

Now, is the Daily Telegraph mixing it - deliberately trying to make waves with today's recipe?

It's Scallops and mushrooms with prosciutto 'glass' in the shell.

According to paper, it's an "impressive-looking starter that's easy to put together".

It might not be that easy if those French fishermen get any more inflamed.

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