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11:41 UK time, Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Whether blondes have more fun, Paper Monitor is not in a position to say. But it's no secret they have more pictures in the newspapers - if their name is Boris Johnson, anyway.

Even though Wednesday sees the prime minister's big speech to the Conservative Party conference, it looks like the Tories' favourite warm-up man hasn't left the stage yet.

"Boris mops up as Tories worship the Blond One" says The Times. "MAD FOR BORIS" is the Daily Star's headline.

In the battle of the column inches, it seems that carefully chosen pictures of Dave enjoying an intimate moment with Sam, or sharing a bit of supermarket-bought cake with the foreign secretary, can't compete with a big picture of the mayor of London looking like... well, just looking like his usual tousled self.

However, no man is a hero to his valet, or it seems, his former employer. In the Daily Mail, former Daily Telegraph editor Max Hastings praises Boris the journalist, before repeatedly sticking the boot into Boris the politician:

"I would not trust him with my wife nor - from painful experience - with my wallet..."

To be fair, the prime minister's conference speech does receive its due from the front pages. Carefully leaked extracts have been scattered around the papers - each one carefully tailored for its audience.

There's something vaguely liberal for the Guardian: "The Tories are for everyone, Cameron tells conference". There's a more stirring and resolute line for the Sun: "It's sink or swim, says PM".

But seeing as the prime minister's photographed inside the paper with Paralympics champion Ellie Simmonds, the answer is presumably "swim".

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