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Your Letters

16:40 UK time, Thursday, 20 September 2012

John Marsh (Tuesday's letters), the unnamed gap remains unnamed because no-one ever admits to being in it.
Jimmy, Milton Keynes

Kate (Wednesday's letters) Wolf-Peter Funk is a great name, but I raise you the historian Turtle Bunbury which I think takes the prize.
Jo Penn, Lichfield

One of my daughter's friends at school had the surname of "Pigg". Her first name was the place where her parents honeymooned, the Isle of Iona. So the girl carried the handle of Iona Pigg.
Tim McMahon, Martos/Spain

If you consider this story to be about HTC's full commitment to a risky business gamble, then there's some great nominative whatsamafizzle (and a challenger to Wolf-Peter Funk as best name ever) partway down.
Ian, Bristol

BBC, why do you keep using the term "male nurse"? A nurse is a nurse, and when his name is Barry, it's pretty clear what sex he is.
Rob, Birmingham, UK

Jo K, London (Wednesday's letters), I suspect it shocked father kitty even more!
Jo L, London

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