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16:09 UK time, Thursday, 13 September 2012

I can report that today, near Victoria Station in London, I saw a restaurant encouraging people to book their Christmas meal/party. Good grief. I'll get my Santa hat.
Howard, London, UK

Di (Tuesday's letters) and Dave (Wednesday's letters), there are other names as well as countries: Ria, Jan, Ada, Tia, An(n) and An(n)a. I doubt there've been many Othos since Marcus Salvius, but loads of Chads.
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

Di and Dave, It could have been worse - I once knew a Dalmatian dog called Nik (short for Dubrovnik, the big city on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia in case you didn't get it.
Susan, Newcastle

Fred Beare? (Wednesday's letters). Oh please, please tell me you're a tailor.
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

J Paul Murdock (Tuesday's letters), I'm originally from Staffordshire, and I regularly berate people for making 'mouthy noises' when eating so I don't think it extends to the southern half of the county, sorry.
Sue, London

I'm now very confused - Paper Monitor, Friday 7 September: Paper Monitor really has to get round to putting up those shelves as promised - equals Male Monitor. Paper Monitor, Wednesday 12 September: Paper Monitor describes effects of "post-carb bloating" - equals Female Monitor. Are there two of you, a sort of Neil and Christine Hamilton of the interweb world?
Richard Martin, Doncaster, UK

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