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10:03 UK time, Tuesday, 25 September 2012

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After the wettest summer on record in 100 years, wouldn't it have been wonderful if we'd had an Indian summer in September? But alas, it's not to be, with today's papers warning Britain to be braced for a further battering.

Never one to underplay the situation, the Daily Express declares that "Weather from hell is to last months".

"Torrential rain and wild winds" are set to "cause structural damage to homes and businesses," it cries, with commuters forced to endure "brolly wet" journeys to work.

The Daily Mirror is equally foreboding, saying "more storms are on the way" after the recent deluge has seen "schools shut and homes flooded and "chaos on the roads and rail".

"A month of rain in 1 day," is its headline.

Meanwhile the papers are seeing the postive side of the situation and using the relentless rain, to ahem, make a splash with snaps.

Cars marooned in rivers, lashed lighthouses, flooded playground fields and a drenched Downing Sreet police man are just some of the pictures peppering the papers.

It all feels damply familiar.

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