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13:18 UK time, Monday, 24 September 2012

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Downton Abbey may have only have triumphed once at Emmy Awards last night, but that hasn't stopped today's papers from wondering why Americans seem so enthralled with the British export.

"LA falls head over heels for Downton," says the Daily Mail, which points out the costume drama was nominated for 16 of the 20 gongs up for grabs.

"Not since the arrival of the royal newlyweds has one British family caused such a sensation in America," it says.

For the Daily Express, it's down to an age-old appeal.

"Americans cannot get enough of the cut-glass accents and the colourful spectable of countesses, cooks and castles," it says.

But the Times' Rhys Blakely says although the "special relationship may have its ups and downs, it seems there is one thing for which Americans will always give Britain credit: good television", adding that Downton is "lording it".

"British critics have sometimes derided its soapy underpinnings but their American cousins have approached the series with the reverence of a good footman," he says.

The LA Times has called the show a "pop culture phenomenon" and the New York Times has chronicled the viewing parties held in Manhattan, complete with "finger sandwiches and properly made pots of tea", he says.

Who needs gongs when Downton has got Americans drinking tea?

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