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12:19 UK time, Thursday, 6 September 2012

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In the latest crisis to cause consternation among Daily Telegraph readers, the paper's letter pages are awash with a perplexing problem.

The source of the anguish? Soap. Imperial Leather soap to be particular. Or the sticker on Imperial Leather soap to be precise.

Apparently it is slippery. So slippery that it falls off.

The issue was raised by Alan Bonsor, from Birmingham, at the beginning of the week.

Long-lasting labels SIR - In my youth, the label on Imperial Leather soap would remain on the bar of soap until the bar was too small to use, whereas now, in this superior technological age, the label comes off early in its life.

Since then readers have been debating whether their favourite soap has suffered a fall from grace.

On Wednesday, David Fisher, from Leicester, said he had never known the Imperial Leather label to come off. "Has Mr Bonsor been using a counterfeit product?" he asked.

While Professor Julian Verbov, from Liverpool, wrote "SIR - I always peel off the label before using the bar of soap. It gets in the way".

Today the debate has shifted towards finding solutions.

Howard Bishop, from Ballaugh, in the Isle of Man, thinks the clue is in the strapline of the product's advertisement: "It stands on its name".

"If I place the bar in the soap dish with the label on the underside, the label lasts for the life of the bar of soap," he says.

Others have brought up different complaints, such as cracks appearing in the soap, and the soap itself also disappearing. Keith Hill, of Rochester, Kent, writes:

SIR - It's not just the label of Imperial Leather that's gone down the drain. Every bar I have bought in the past year has developed unsightly deep cracks after a week or two of use. On reporting this to Imperial's managing director, I was told that the cracks are caused by the use of vegetable oil now that they have stopped using animal fats in the soap formula.

However P J Moyes, from, Rochford, Essex, raises the biggest smile.

SIR - In the early days of recycling, I returned home from work one day to find that the label had disappeared from the soap bar in my en-suite. My mother-in-law, who resides with us, was so enthusiastic to involve herself in recycling that she had removed the label and placed it in the paper collection bin.

We soon adopted liquid soap.

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