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16:26 UK time, Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Re: Rowan Pelling's feature about procrastination. Please pass her my profound thanks as today I sent five invoices and upgraded my website. Being self employed is remarkably challenging for procrastinators yet this is what I have chosen over PAYE employment.
Judith Scott, Leeds

Dear Prof Monitor, you're missing a trick by requesting for thesis submissions by post. You should at least vet those taking part by telephone questionnaire. Just by chance, I have my own line set up: 0906866...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Ey up Basil (Tuesday's letters) - I too live in the fair city of Nottingham and you have confounded me. I suppose some of the posher offices have a water boiler and not just a kettle to cope with the required tea making capacity. And yes, Thursdays are widely acknowledged as prep days for Friday (usually by people I manage). I'd say Friday pm is when work tails off - which is why I'm fond of calling essential meetings then (keep an eye on them eh?). But "gotten up to" as a verb? Really?
Trina, UK

Ginny Murphy has claimed her cat Teddy bear was the Essex Lion. Looking at Ginny's own impressive mane and tan colour, is there a chance she was sunbathing in the field at the time?
Christian Cook, Street, Somerset

Martin (Tuesday's letters), I heard Mo only has the one brother, called Town. Not sure who has the best singing voice though.
Rob Orme, Winsford, Cheshire

I would like to point out an excellent example of organisational addressative* nominative determination. The headquarters of The Geological Society of America is in Boulder, Colorado.
*(anybody know the correct word that I am looking for here?)
Al, Wellington NZ

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