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15:56 UK time, Wednesday, 22 August 2012

By the time I'd read the headline "Star is caught devouring..." I was so convinced it was celebrity tittle-tattle that the word "planet" completely confused me and made me click the link just to find out what it could possibly mean. Ohhhhhh. Astronomy.
David Richerby, Liverpool

Saw headline 'Star is caught devouring planet ' and rather than the astronomical explanation, Eammon Holmes came to mind.
Peter, Pershore

Re "Star is caught devouring planet". Was I the only one to think, "Eammon Holmes?"
GDW, Edinburgh

That's nothing, I once had an entire Milky Way on the bus home.
Ian, Redditch

Altogether now: A Mars a day...(Other confectionery items are available)
Simon Robinson, Birmingham

Oh dear. It's the first time I think I've ever scored 7/7 on one of the BBC Magazine's quizzes and it was about status symbols. I hate bling. However, now perhaps I could have my score engraved on a huge gold-plated neck-chain, or is there something equally subtle you could suggest?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

(Hands on hips, taps foot) Oh dearie, dearie me, fellow Monitorites - all our erudition goes West as soon as there's the chance of making a smutty joke on the BBC!
And you're no better, MM, so don't sit in the corner looking smug ...
Fee Lock, Hastings, East Sussex

Re. all of Tuesday's letters: okay we've got the point (or not).
Mark Esdale, Bridge

I don't get it. Why is 'wang' nominative determinism? Does my slang lexicon need updating?
Kate, York

The clarity of the Rover's picture of an engineer up there fixing the wind sensor is amazing. And proof, for any remaining doubters, that Mars can support life.
David, Romford, UK

Does anyone else play the "Most popular" article game? I always click on the first 10 stories on the BBC homepage that interest me most, and then compare this to the 10 most popular "read" stories in the handy box on the right. 5 out of 10 today, and my record is 9 - still waiting for that clean sweep!
Joe A, London

Dear everyone,
Re: Nominative determinism, do you think we could just accept that every time an example of this is published (see, for example, Dr Wang) that everyone will note the appropriateness of the name, and just move on with their lives? That way, we could skip the requirement for EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to write to the monitor to point it out. Ta,
Alex, Durham

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