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16:32 UK time, Monday, 20 August 2012

Apparently, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson derived his pen-name by translating his first two names into Latin to obtain Carolus Ludovicus, and then, possibly via the French, into Carol Lewis, which might have been the subject of numerous learned treatises, so he switched them around to Lewis Carroll. Well, he must have been on something.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

"MoD reveals design of new stealth warship". WOW! I didn't see that one coming!
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall

The man queuing behind the winner of the EuroMillions is an interesting story, and represents a conundrum that has occasionally troubled my lotto winning daydreams. If the person ahead of me in a queue buys a lucky dip and wins a fortune, then good luck to him indeed. But if that person decides to buy a paper instead of a lottery ticket, and I, being next in the queue, buy a lucky dip, will I get the numbers he would have received? Or will someone shopping two hundred miles away get that those lucky dip numbers, or will no-one get those numbers? Say I bought a lucky dip at exactly 6.00pm on a Friday, would my numbers be the same if I had hesitated for just a millisecond before buying them? Most weeks I am a substantial 5 to 6 numbers away from winning a fortune, but the truth of the matter may be that I have sometimes been within a nano-second of winning a life changing sum - or maybe not! Either way, dear Monitor, can you lend me a fiver until payday?
Richard Martin, Doncaster, UK

I was just reading your article on Ayn Rand when then thought popped into my head "Ayn Rand is the reason for Joey Barton." Then, LO AND BEHOLD! the first link at the end of the article is a picture of Joey Barton and how everyone despises "big-time Charlie" footballers. Coincidence?
Brian Loughlin, Slough

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