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16:46 UK time, Monday, 13 August 2012

Re "Team GB cover Queen's Don't Stop Me Now". Look, I admire the achievements of all these amazing athletes but please! They have NOT "made their own version of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now". They are miming to it. They are dancing and fooling around to it. BUT it is Queen, not anyone else. Pedantic rant finished, I'm going for a lie down.
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall

Regarding Number 2 in your list of 10 things we didn't know... I think you will find that there is an OMG in Charlotte Mew's poem, The Farmer's Bride (the final stanza)...And she wrote that some years before 1917.
R Allen, Hong Kong

Was just checking for news besides London 2012 when I came across your caption on skipping. As a German-American dual national with other languages, I'm well aware of semantic collisions between languages, especially across the transatlantic divide (Germans are taught what's purported to be the Queen's English). However, to derive "jump roper" from "Jump Rope Competition" is a surprise. In both variants of English the derivation of a verbal substantive from combined verbs should modify the main participatory verb, in this case 'jump' - and in any case, the rope in the competition is a noun. So the term 'rope jumper' should be used. On the other hand, I'm certain many rodeo fans got a kick out of imagining Olympics with guys'n gals chasin' bounding calves around the arena with lariats.
Eb Hoene

Nominative determinism ahoy. (Are you actually planting these now, MM? )
Sue, London

I couldn't believe the headline on the BBC News site: "David Bond: How can Rio follow London?" London may have heritage and pop culture, but where else but Rio would you go for partying?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

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