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16:58 UK time, Monday, 6 August 2012

Apropos the equestrian sports (esp today), I would like to raise a toast to the late Dick Francis, without whom I would never have known anything about horses (other than that they bite and kick), nor horse jumping. Cheers mate, wish you were here to see it.
Buzz, London

Olympic 100m bottle throw I can't find the results. How did Team GB do?
roarshock, Oregon USA

Is this a new event?
Robin, Herts, UK

Most meaningless quote of the Olympics: "We need a clear round to make it a definite probablity". Er, yes, of course.
Henri, Sidcup

Olympic nominative determinism - a Dutch judo champion who hit the man who threw the bottle onto the track before the 100m final. How apt!
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

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