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Paper Monitor

17:02 UK time, Thursday, 30 August 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Every so often Paper Monitor likes to take a look at that most venerable of British press institutions - the evening paper.

They're in long-term decline, something many people have mourned.

There's still gold in them thar hills.

The biggest glob of nutritional goodness is in the Manchester Evening News. Trading Standards have turned up a takeaway that's serving doner kebabs with 1,800 calories.

And there's a 1kg Chinese meal and a lamb pasanda that's actually beef.

But any students planning to patronise these eateries are set to be disappointed. Trading Standards decided not to name them.

Over in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle there's a tale of a "local" comedy. Not for local people, but actually for the BBC. It's set in Hebburn. And it's called Hebburn. Hmmmm, local.

We'll skate over the Birmingham Mail as it's, ahem, no longer an evening.

But the Yorkshire Evening Post has a classic tale of local paper woe. Councillors are considering abandoning free Sunday parking and city centre entrepreneurs are, needless to say, full of that woe.

Whatever the naysaying, for the moment at least, the institution of the evening paper lives on.

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