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09:26 UK time, Thursday, 23 August 2012

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That's not Harry-in-the-nuddy on the front page of The Sun. It's Harry, a Sun staffer, posing in his altogether.

A naked man called Harry clasps his crown jewels as he parties with a nude girl. It looks exactly like one of the pics of Prince Harry that shocked the world yesterday. But it's not. It's Sun man Harry Miller copying the Royal pose during a "strip pool" party in Las Vegas. Buckingham Palace asked us not to use the real photo.

Paper Monitor mused on Wednesday on what Fleet Street might do about the photos of what happened in Vegas. But the thought that an editor might dispense even with a lookalike and simply get a staff member with the same name to stand in never crossed your humble correspondent's mind.

(Getting the features picture editor, 31, to pose naked is one thing. But is it not rather ungentlemanly to ask a 21-year-old intern to act as the nude girl?)

As one's own editor picked up the Sun and clocked this new tactic, nearby colleagues began to twitch uneasily.

If this is indeed a new benchmark for illustrating the private moments of those in the public eye, those at Magazine Towers pray the following celebs don't find themselves at a Vegas pool party that gets out of hand:

  • Toms Cruise or Hanks
  • Emmas Watson or Thompson
  • Vanessas Hudgens or Paradis
  • Matt Damon
  • Jons Bon Jovi or Stewart
  • Megan Fox
  • Stephen Segal
  • Denise Lewis
  • Keith Urban
  • Kathryn, er, Bigelow
  • and Finlo... er... er...

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