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13:10 UK time, Wednesday, 22 August 2012

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Prince Harry.

In the nuddy.

After a game of strip billiards in Vegas.


Obviously your humble correspondent can't show you the pictures.

Nor can Fleet Street's finest. Not only did this momentous news break after the printers had already commenced rolling, it's unlikely in this post-Leveson world that even the most rapacious of tabloids would reprint the grainy images of a man who looks rather like the third in line for the throne, naked but for his own cupped hands protecting the modesty of his crown jewels. (But maybe they will tomorrow... after much hand-wringing.)

The Daily Mail does manage to squeeze in earlier reports from the desert city that never sleeps of the young royal challenging Rrrrrrrrrr!-yan Lochte to a race after a chance encounter at a posh nightclub. (Its website goes into waaaay more detail about what happened in Vegas, but stops short of depicting the prince - or his doppelganger? - in anything less than red swimming shorts and a natty hat.)

Ditto the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mirror and the Sun.

And the Times, augmenting its coverage online with a one-photo slideshow of the Wales v Lochte swimming race and a no-comment from the royals:

St James Palace officially refused to comment on the photographs, which were published on the celebrity gossip website
But it made clear that the Prince enjoyed a right to privacy and it did not expect the photographs to appear in any British newspaper.

Do any papers resist the temptation? Why yes. Step forward the Indy... although it carries details on its website, illustrated with a photo of the young prince buttoned up in a suit. At least he didn't get it wet in that Vegas pool.

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