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10:46 UK time, Friday, 10 August 2012

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What is it with a certain international peri-peri chicken chain and today's news?

The papers justly celebrate the achievements of Nicola Adams, gold medal winner in the first ever Olympics women's boxing tournament.

The Daily Mirror, however, focuses on how she intends to mark her success:

"I'm going out to Nando's with my family to celebrate," she said. "I'm going to have chicken pitta, medium heat, with chips.

"There may be a few drinks as well and we're going to have a good night."

Paper Monitor is impressed that Adams specified her order in such detail, perhaps in case any Mirror readers spots her on the streets of her native Leeds and decide to show their appreciation.

But there is further flame-grilled reportage in the Independent, covering a visit to Northamptonshire by Labour leader Ed Miliband:

"I want to know what the one thing politicians can do to help you," Mr Miliband asked a group of teenage girls he met on the town's high street.

"Get a Nandos in Thrapston," replied Verity Smith.

With its popularity established among gold medal winners and east Midlands adolescents alike, Paper Monitor wonders how long it will be before politicians begin chasing the latest crucial electoral demographic - "Nando's Man" or "Half-Chicken Woman".

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