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16:40 UK time, Monday, 6 August 2012

It seems that animals, except those beautifully turned out horses, of course, are missing out on prime news slots as everyone remains glued to Olympic success. So it was with much interest that Paper Monitor greeted this gem in today's Daily Telegraph. It seems farmers are increasingly turning to guard llamas to act as guard dogs to prevent rural crime. According a leader in the same paper:

Such non-traditional methods may not fully supplant the more orthodox techniques of locks, chains and burglar alarms. But are there not urban and suburban applications? Instead of Neighbourhood Watch schemes, homeowners could simply station a llama in their back gardens - and sell some rather fine cardigans on the side.

Paper Monitor would love a llama to guard the office from those pesky night-time stationery thieves.

It's not only llamas that have missed their chance to shine among Olympic heavy coverage. The Daily Mail reports on a ninja-like cat burglar who battled with the a monster fridge and defeated the heavy door, the video of which has gone viral online:

The cat's moves appear to mirror a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where hero Indiana Jones pulls himself up the front of a moving truck... As he comes to a soft landing on the kitchen counter, the cat climbs back on his feet and surveys his handiwork, the freezer door wide open and its contents ready for the taking.

Paper Monitor is sure no real cat burglars would ever dare venture into the house of this brave ninja-cat.

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