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Paper Monitor

12:35 UK time, Thursday, 21 June 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Some colleagues of Paper Monitor are of the opinion that there are no new ideas.

Everything has been done now and it's only a question of slight variations.

Today, the newspapers look rather tired so Paper Monitor decided to review the Times from 21 June 1912.

The first article Paper Monitor should chance on in the 1912 Times? A slot called "From The Times of 1812" and a reproduction of a century-old piece about Luddite violence.

The quoddest of QEDs, you might suggest.

And of course, from 1912 to 2012 the same themes remain. Only different.
Royal Ascot was on.

"The Paddock resembled a great garden of waving colour. Blue and grey, lavender and mauve were the predominant hues, with many shades that were none of those but came from the same parent-stock.

"There were, perhaps, not so many panier skirts to be seen as might have been expected of the fashion of the hour but most of the gowns that attracted attention observed a similar principle.

"Those that looked the most simple fell in fold upon fold of filmy material, and many of the charming new coats were to be seen.

"There were no high colours. Everything was dainty."

The presence of fake tan is not mentioned in the account

Elsewhere, there was a disruptive strike in France (seamen in Marseilles).

And binge drinking seems to have remained a bit of a constant, with a court case revolving around a "Cork Club".

The judge explained that a cork club meant that members were compelled to carry a cork wherever they went and were called upon to "stand" drinks all round if challenged when they had no cork in their possession.

Technology launches also dominated as they do today.

"A dairy firm in a south-western suburb have installed a slot-machine for the sale of milk during hours when the shop is closed.

"When a penny is placed in a slot and a handle turned the requisite supply of milk issues from a suitable aperture under which the vessel has to be held."

Plus ca change.

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