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17:16 UK time, Wednesday, 30 May 2012

So, the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Mirror are to merge. After much reflection I think this is good... I've always wanted a two-way mirror.
Martin Pearson, Hoosick Falls, Upstate NY, USA

Over in the Daily Mail, as is so often the case, society's wheels are falling off: "Children losing their taste of marmalade" (Paper Monitor). Yikes indeed! Although never having eaten any children I was not aware that they tasted of marmalade.
Malcolm, Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

I notice from the BBC Food Blog that street food may have lost its way. Has it considered buying a map or investing in a GPS system?
Steve Morrison, Aberdeen, Scotland

Hundreds of bored school kids will be delighted to know that there were no Tudors (as might their over-worked teachers). It frees up two terms for more interesting things like Euro 2012.
Alex, London

Catherine O, (Tuesday's letters), I agree. My seven-year-old told me there were four historical periods: Tudor, Victorian, Oldendays and Nowadays.
Sarah Conner, Birmingham

Isn't it nice not to have to listen to be people getting their coats anymore?. Bet they start again when it gets cold, though.
James McWaffler, London

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