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16:28 UK time, Friday, 25 May 2012

Nominative determination alert.
James, Blackwater, UK

"She can wear a tiara with ease and she doesn't look vulgar". Surely, you meant a crown?
R.G, Watford, Herts

Can we please have a moratorium on nominative determinism? We get it. Some, in fact quite a lot of, people have names that fit what they do. Let's move on. See also: letters that end with coat getting or hilarious variations thereon. Call me a party pooper if you will.
Richard, Aberdeen, UK

Re censorship: an amusing quip the other day when someone said they were doing a movie about tea and that it wouldn't be PG. Time for a cuppa or something stronger.
Tim McMahon, Martos/Spain

Basil Long (Thursday's letters) says there is a difference between working long and working hard.
Can I point out there is a difference in working efficiently and both of the above!
Nigel, Newbury

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