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08:44 UK time, Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Neighbourly disputes have always been a mainstay of media fodder, but Paper Monitor is struck by a couple of more unusual ones in today's papers.

First up, the Daily Telegraph reports that one resident of London's Knightsbridge has perfected the "art of offending neighbours". That's because the art dealer has placed works by Antony Gormley and Tracey Emin in a communal garden.

Some disgruntled party has now made a complaint to the local council, forcing the dealer to apply for retrospective planning permission.

For the record, if that decision goes agains the chap, Paper Monitor will happily take the Gormley but not the Emin for its own humble communal garden.

Just a couple of pages on and the Telegraph has a yarn about a Church of England chaplain complaining about excessively noisy gospel singers next door.

Over in the Daily Mail, as is so often the case, society's wheels are falling off.

"Children losing their taste of marmalade".


But the most extraordinary thing in the paper is a picture of an incredible line of people climbing Everest. After the recent deaths, it is both poignant and awe-inspiring.

The larger version in the paper works better but you can still get the idea.

In other news, the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Mirror are to merge.

The march of economics, however inevitable, can still provoke a pang of regret.

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