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12:23 UK time, Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Today's papers could be made in Chelsea. There's something for everyone - the departure of Drogba, the arrival of Titchmarsh. Pictures of bleary eyed, victorious football stars on the one hand, the Queen smiling amongst the roses, on the other.

Yes it's that great play-off: Chelsea's European Cup winners versus the Chelsea Flower Show. It's a Venn diagram without a lot of crossover, Paper Monitor surmises. Most of the news sections take a punt - football or flowers?

No prizes for guessing where the Daily Star places its X. "Chelsea's 30-hour bender!" runs a headline on the front page next to a picture of "worse for wear" Frank Lampard.

Inside a double-page spread chronicles the "mammoth" drinking session, involving players, Wags and assorted hangers on. Oh and Rihanna of course, who had helpfully tweeted a pic of herself with Chelsea's match winner Didier Drogba.

The Daily Express goes for the other tribe. Paper Monitor suspects Amanda Holden might have something to do with it. "100 degree F Summer on Way...But Amanda is already sizzling at Chelsea Flower Show. See Page 3".

Inside the celebs seem to take precedence over the plants.There's Cliff Richard, Jerry Hall, Roger Daltrey and Anneka Rice. With la Holden, is this the dream dinner party list for Express readers?

The Daily Mail gives the plants more of a look-in, with a huge picture of the red-coated Chelsea pensioners manning a pyramid made out of scaffolding, draped with trees and climbing plants.

But in case anyone is getting bored, there's a celebrity angle - it is designed by Diarmuid Gavin. Oh and the Queen "caused a fashion stir" the paper reveals by, erm, "choosing a hairnet rather than a hat."

A Daily Telegraph leader attempts to put the football in its place. "Chelsea has been much in the news lately; but its association for many people lies less with its triumphant football team than with the annual Royal Horticultural Society flower show."

The freak weather has "tested the patience and ingenuity" of the contributors to the limit, it continues. But here is a pursuit that is part of the nation's psyche - "climate, temperament and love of tradition combine to make the British natural gardeners."

And lest we forget, we're also pretty handy at the 30-hour bender.

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