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16:00 UK time, Monday, 30 April 2012

*What* is in the foreground in this picture? Could it be a mole?
Henri, Sidcup

"...plenty of new tenants renovate properties" says Allan Gibson from Acpo. In 12 years of private renting, I've barely been allowed to put up picture hooks. Has he been, um, spending too much time working?
Rosie, Cambridge

This guy building the "Titanic II" is clever - he'll recoup the costs by selling the film rights to the sequel to "Titanic"...
HB, London

If Ikea want to go "green", why produce a disposable camera when a reusable one would not need to be recycled at all? In fact, the technology already exists for a reusable camera - and has been for well over a century.
Colin Main, Berkhamsted, UK

Now that the Beeb has joined the hysteria surrounding Maidenhead's Killer Kite, I know it must be true and will be ordering a Kevlar helmet at the earliest opportunity. Thanks so much for a fine piece of balanced journalism.
Catherine, Maidenhead

Are we really supposed to believe this headline - that pigeons can receive signals from the USA's once-military satellite system and use them to navigate? Stop being silly, BBC!
Colin Main, Berkhamsted, UK

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