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13:56 UK time, Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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Paper Monitor can't ignore it any more. Prince Harry's trip to the Bahamas and Jamaica - the papers have been full of it for the past three days.

So far, he's met a number of beauty queens and hugged Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Today we hear he beat the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt. This story gets better, because Harry cheated. Harry, apparently, lined up with Bolt, but jumped the gun. The headline writers have clearly enjoyed this one.

"Harry may not be the Lightning Bolt but he knows how to pull a fast one," the Times headline reads. The Daily Star really goes to town, with "Sprints Harry" on its front page and its "One needs to Harry up Usain!" on page four. On page six, the Daily Star's leader column says that the young royal has become a hit and "salutes" the "new faces of the British Monarchy" Prince William, Princess Kate - as they call her - and Harry:

He is having a royal hoot! He has already danced joyfully with babes in Belize. He wowed the Baha- mas at a youth conference. And wooed some of the world's hottest babes, including sexy Miss Bahamas Anastagia Pierre. Then yesterday, a hilarious race against the world's fastest runner Usain Bolt... He is showing the world the best that British royalty has to offer.

It's all good humoured stuff. The Guardian's Eyewitness - it's double-page spread featuring a big photograph - features Harry and Usain laughing and running. In the text accompanying the pictures, we learn that even the great Lightning Bolt has warmed to the royal. We are told that Bolt later tweeted: "Good Jamaican vibes hanging out with the Prince Harry... See you at the Olympics".

The Daily Mail's website shows Harry later on dancing with an "attractive" young woman:

The 27-year-old royal proved that, unlike most men, he had remarkably good rhythm as he gyrated to a rendition of reggae legend Bob Marley's One Love.

But one thing really stands out - Harry's bright blue desert boots.

Expect the papers' fashion writers to pile in tomorrow.

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