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Your Letters

17:06 UK time, Thursday, 9 February 2012

Napoleon brought a quarter of a million horses to Russia but you say that he failed "for want of a winter horseshoe". I'd have thought that giving the lightest cart to the horse that had three winter shoes and one summer shoe have been reasonably effective. Obviously, he wasn't such a great leader after all.
David Richerby, Liverpool, UK

"Whiteread to make gallery frieze"? Why not? Everyone else is cold.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

Dearest and most beloved PM; you and I have had an "arrangement" for many years, in that I pop in to see you around lunchtime each working day, and you lay out your very best wares for me to peruse. Imagine then how your latest behaviour of turning up several hours late has resulted in an empty space where your choicest morsels used to be, and the sense of disappointment, nay bereftness, that occasions upon my person. Have I offended you? Yours, through a veil of tears, P xxx
PollySaxon, Lichfield

Perhaps David (Wednesday's letters) should brush up on his Ovid. Medusa was a beautiful woman, and a priestess in Athena's temple - as such she had to remain chaste. When was "seduced" by Poseidon in the temple, Athena turned her into a Gorgon in a fit of rage. The whole story is shot through with sex, just not necessarily very pleasant.
RJ, Cambourne

Anthony (Wednesday's letters) - that doesn't really help. Noel as in Noel Edmonds or Noel as in the festive season?
Helen, London, UK

Alan, Amanda (Wednesday's letters), I have indeed downed pints and tools and upped games, (but never a swan). They are well known exceptions to the rule. I have never been invited to up my investments or down my financial risk and I still don't want to be. I'll get my dictionary.
Paul, Ipswich

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