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13:48 UK time, Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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It's all about the horses in today's papers.

The revelation that former Sun editor Rebekah Brooks was lent a police horse by the Metropolitan Police is manna for many of the papers.

Brooks, aka "flame-haired Rebekah Brooks" (16,600 Google results), was one of 12 people to "foster" a retired gee-gee in 2008.

She paid for food and vet bills and returned the horse later in a "poor but not serious condition", according to the Met.

Having scoured the Sun twice, it's difficult to find where the story is. A bit like a needle in a haystack. Ho ho.

But everybody else has fun. Daily Mail: "How Rebekah Brooks got a 'gift' horse from the Met".


Daily Mirror: Are cops too close to the Sun? Well, it's a stable relationship.."


Daily Telegraph: "Rebekah Brooks and the police 'gift' horse".

Deja vu.

The Telegraph puts it on the front.

And there's even more equine news as most of the papers have a series of gripping photos from the successful rescue of a horse trapped up to its neck in mud in Melbourne as the tide came in.

It's a whinny-whinny situation for all concerned.


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