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Paper Monitor

09:57 UK time, Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Juxtaposition is one of the key pitfalls confronting those tasked with laying out papers.

On a fast news day in a high-pressure newsroom, it's easy to understand how an article about crematoria might end up next to an advert for cookery classes.

But readers - and social media - are unlikely to be forgiving of these unwitting lapses of taste.

Paper Monitor would therefore like to express commiserations to the design team at the Independent's i paper.

It follows up the story that pop star Shakira was attacked by a sea lion with a light-hearted feature about other celebrities who have had run-ins with the animal kingdom.

Next to it, unfortunately, is a rather less amusing report of a zoo keeper being killed by a lioness.

In other news, Paper Monitor notes that Laurence Rickard of TV's Horrible Histories has mentioned on Twitter that he is compiling a "list of place names that double as Sunday Sport headlines if you add an exclamation mark".

So far he has come up with "Nun Eaten!" Can readers suggest any more? Use the letters form on the right.

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