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Paper Monitor

10:15 UK time, Tuesday, 7 February 2012

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Paper Monitor is always one to advocate making sure children get the best start in life and today's papers have some snippets of advice for parents.

First up, the Daily Mail cites a study which says giving babies finger food can stop them growing up fat. According to the paper, Nottingham University researchers found that children who are fed smaller sized chunks of food during weaning gain less weight than those who are spoon-fed purees.

Certainly something to chew over. But Paper Monitor can't help but think there's something slightly unsavoury about the finger food it favours - fruit cut into chip-like shapes and bread sticks.

Meanwhile, a couple of the papers pick up on a poll of primary school staff which shows that a rising number of children are still in nappies when they start school.

"Schools go potty at idle parents 'failing to toilet-train kids'" says the Sun, which goes on to say that 62% of staff have noticed more toilet accidents in the classroom over the past five years.

The lesson? Toilet-trained children make cleaner classmates.

But more importantly, education suffers when teachers have to stop class to clear up the mess. And there is no toilet humour in that.

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