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17:34 UK time, Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Of course mice sing (10 Things)! Have you never seen Babe? Quite a repertoire. Which reminds me - is it acceptable to call someone "babe"? Well, obviously, if you are a talented sheep-pig.
Aqua Suliser, Bath

I think Kate Fox's comment tags the issue here. It's not the nickname that's off-side, it's the one-way verbal traffic of men using intimate terms to women inappropriately (and women not correspondingly employing intimate terms) that grates.
Fee Lock, Hastings, East Sussex

Chris King - would it not make far more sense to spell it "lonnnnng"? "Loooong" just reads wrong... As, incidentally, does "soooo", which just sounds like my name.
Sue, London

How to Spend a £1m salary - a Monitorite question would be to ask how many double deck buses you could fill with £1m worth of penny chews?
Lewis Graham, Hitchin

Nominative determinism alert!Ralph, Cumbria

So, Pythons link to mammals decline? Personally I blame the Spanish Inquisition. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
Paul Lawrence, Cirencester

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