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16:43 UK time, Monday, 23 January 2012

If, as you suggest in today's Paper Monitor, MPs are saying "We want our chips in a tower", that sounds fine by me. Best place for them, in my opinion! And, while we're at it, "Awf with their heads!" I'll get me ermine cloak...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

J Paul Murdock (Friday's Letters), if trousers now only start at a 32" waist, then surely you mean the market is expanding?
Alex, Edinburgh, UK

Regarding clothes size - Has anyone else noticed that fashionable clothes are cut for women with no chest and no backside. In my book, that means they are made for boys.
CJ, Cambs

So The Times "celebrates all that is black, crackly and spherical" (Friday Paper Monitor). Spherical? Surely that's balls.
Jeremy Golding, London, UK

Paper Monitor, vinyl records (PM, Friday) are not spherical - were they so, I imagine storage of a record collection of more than half-a-dozen 12in LPs would have been slightly problematic. They are instead discoidal. I'll get my fold-out sleeve.
Rob, London, UK

Could you do a "how to say" on "homage"? On Would I Lie to You? and various other BBC outlets it seems increasingly common to believe it's a French word, to be pronounced "o-MAhj" rather than "HOMidj". Am I the only one to find this greatly annoying?
Josh Taylor, York, UK

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