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Paper Monitor

12:10 UK time, Thursday, 26 January 2012

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When Paper Monitor was a naïve cub, a wise old reporter once advised: "Always write up, not down."

The "up" he referred to was the opposite of downplaying a story. He meant to take the facts and make the most of them.

There are some fine examples in the Sun today. "'Cotswold panther' devours wallabies".

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Until you realise that the evidence of panther involvement is scanty, to say the least.

"The animals were found stripped to the bone with their internal organs left neatly beside their bodies," says the Sun.

Paper Monitor was unaware that one of the characteristics of big cat attack was the felines neat filing of their victim's viscera. We stand corrected.

The paper - and other papers it must be said - quote "animal expert Frank Tunbridge". Googling him appears to reveal a long-running interest in big cats.

But Paper Monitor is always confused by the failure - in this age of digital camera proliferation - to ever get a decent shot of a big cat.

Further into the Sun there's another variety of writing "up".

A 17-year-old British soldier found himself fighting the Taliban after hiding his age. He was three months younger than the 18-year-old minimum for combat.

The Sun's take:

"A boy soldier too young to play computer wargame Call of Duty ended up on the frontline in Afghanistan - by hiding his age."

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