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15:06 UK time, Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.
It was a brave editor who didn't give Harry Redknapp's bulldogs Rosie and Buster pride of place today.

The Spurs' manager's lovable and well-fed mutts were pictured in different poses on the front page of the Daily Mail, Metro and Telegraph. "Redknapp, bungs and an offshore bank account named after his dog," was the Telegraph's enticing headline.

But every industry has its exceptions and one of the rules of journalism is that the Daily Express will plough its own peculiar furrow, usually involving Princess Diana or a speculatory health story. And so for their front page they opted for research suggesting that doing puzzles will ward off Alzheimer's.

Leafing through, Paper Monitor was about to give up on the Express's other staple until on pages 28 and 29, as if by magic, appeared a feature headlined "Did the King of Spain try to seduce Diana?"
Another hard and fast rule of journalism is that the Daily Mail will always have at least one story loosely connected - sometimes helped by a crowbar - to Downton Abbey. And today was no exception.

"Downton Shabby...unofficial collection" ran the headline above an article suggesting that a US television channel was selling jewellery associated with characters from the show without getting permission from the programme's makers. The jewellery range includes freshwater pearl earrings named after the Countess of Grantham, selling for $79.99, and the Lady Mary Crawley earring and necklace set going for $114.99. "The Dowager Countess would most certainly not approve," the Mail concludes.

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