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15:42 UK time, Thursday, 19 January 2012

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Ah, sporting puns, how can we describe our relationship with you?

It's not love. It's not hate. It's complicated.

Take the back of the Sun today: "De Jong goodbye".

Occasional Manchester City defensive midfielder and reincarnated kung fu master Nigel de Jong is planning on leaving, allegedly.

It's nice to get a Raymond Chandler reference into a pun. But the next pun on the page -"Lucky Poys" - is a poor reference to Brighton. Their manager is Gustavo Poyet. Do. You. Geddit?

Even stinkier is the back of the Daily Star. "Wolves get Brum rush", because Birmingham is Brum, which sounds vaguely like bum.

Inside "Samba so out of step" sets a similar tone. Chris Samba, the rather tall Blackburn Rovers defender, wants out of the club. But he's going nowhere. And he has a surname that is also a dance step. Make my day pun-k.

The Daily Mirror is always a bit less punny, but they have a couple of epic stinkers today.

There's no Manchester United players in Europe's team of the year and the headline is "Eur just not good enough".

Elsewhere, a story about a striker joining Newcastle to play alongside Demba Ba has the headline "I can raise the Ba".

Paper Monitor is contacting the authorities.

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