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14:46 UK time, Friday, 6 January 2012

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One of the goals of tabloid journalism is to help a wide spectrum of reader understand complicated stories.

So on the eve of Stephen Hawking's 70th birthday the Sun helps its readers understand his place in Britain's cultural pantheon in the only way it knows - a picture of him at Stringfellows.

The piece itself is written by "Sun professor" Brian Cox. The University of Manchester might beg to differ, but what do they know?

Over in the Daily Mirror they're bringing Shakespeare to the multitude. How? By showing a tattoo on the bikinied body of Danielle Lineker that quotes Measure for Measure.

The Mirror coyly describes the tatt as "under her left armpit", while yesterday's Mail preferred the term "sideboob".

The offering from the Daily Star is the village of Kingsclere in Hampshire, where remote car keys, TVs and heating systems are mysteriously breaking down.

Sadly, the Star has no in-house professor to explain why that might be.

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