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15:35 UK time, Monday, 26 December 2011

I hardly thought Queen Visits Philip in Hospital justified its headline status. Now, "Queen Refuses to Visit Philip in Hospital" would have been quite a story!
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

But which is the left side of the bed, 10 things, No 7? Is it the left side if you are lying on your back in bed, or the left side if you are looking at the bed from the foot? I'll get my dressing gown.
Paul Greggor, London

Why do most, if not all BBC presenters, pronounce the word "sixth" like "sickth" if that pronunciation is considered incorrect?
Martin Dimmock, Leyburn, UK

First thing I find in the barn early [Christmas] morning is a new-born calf! Suggestions for names please? Current contenters are "Noella" and Yulia.
Becca, Trandelag, Norway

BaldoBingham: "No matter how they lit it, Salford in summer was still cold and uninviting" -
can't get much better than that, cc of the YEAR.
Phil, Germany

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