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15:28 UK time, Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Regarding your report on Tracey Emin's new role, I have side question which has perplexed me for years - just how many Bonham Carters are there in Britain?
Mark, Reading UK

I've heard that the Higgs Boson has applied for a super-injunction and so can't be identified.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

Unsettling acronym alert!
Matt, Hove

Why did the Americans not microchip their stealth drone? They could have located it and used a small missile to blow it to pieces before anyone could study it. Duh!
Julia Archer, Adelaide South Australia

MCK (Tuesday's Letters) - It is an overwhelming treasured child-hood memory finding an all-chocolate mint Club. It was passed reverently around the school refectory. And then eaten. Good times.
Rachel, Wayzata

Re: Local TV. Should an adult become more like a child? US TV, generally, appeals to and reinforces the juvenile in us all. This is not a matter of appreciating difference. It is a matter of elevating the juvenile and superficial.
Edwin Anthony @BBC News Magazine

UK morning TV is already just like US local TV, it just covers more people.
Ian Roberts @BBC News Magazine

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