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11:45 UK time, Wednesday, 14 December 2011

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The papers are trying to get to grips with the elusive God particle.

The so-called key to the universe MAY have been glimpsed by scientists in Switzerland, but even a peep is good enough to put physicists in a spin.

They had been colliding beams of protons in a big machine, called the Large Hadron Collider, and found the strongest evidence so far that the particle, called the Higgs boson, is there to be found.

The papers try to explain it.

The Guardian says the Higgs boson is thought to underpin the sub-atomic workings of nature and its discovery would confirm how elementary particles acquire mass.

Clear? If not, best to turn to the Sun professor. Yes, popstar turned physicist Brian Cox, who is credited with making science sexy, has written a two-page explainer for the Sun.

This is how he rolls:

Have a look at one of your Christmas presents. Inside the box, there are Higgs particles. Countless billions of them. The energy they store is greater than that given out by the sun in a thousand years... Their job is to give mass to the smallest bits of matter in the universe - the sub-atomic building blocks out of which you are made.

Crystal clear. Cox is a god in his own right.

Moving on. The Daily Telegraph is also asking the big questions. Namely, why did the world-famous Hamleys have to change its signage so precariously close to Christmas?

A political blogger in west London is taking the credit after she accused the toy store of "gender apartheid" in October.

The pink signs for girls and blue signs for boys at its Regent Street store have been replaced by gender-neutral white and red ones. And the wares are now organised by category instead of gender.

The Telegraph's Judith Woods says the change has sabotaged Christmas, "destroying the Old Certainties in the name of political correctness - and making an Awful Lot of Mummies Very Cross Indeed".

A pink floor and a blue floor is the only way that fathers know how to shop. If it's all mixed up, we will descend into chaos, as the average daddy can't tell the difference between Peppa Pig and a Moshi Monster.

Surely that's an easy one. Peppa would be pink...

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