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13:34 UK time, Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Ask any 18-year-old aspirant journalist what they would want to achieve as a scribe and you'll hear a worthy tale.

Expose corruption, help the weak, travel the globe etc. Reporters want to be Woodward and Bernstein, or Martha Gellhorn.

Aspirant news photographers aren't much different. They want to be Yevgeny Khaldei or Robert Capa or Don McCullin.

But just like every football team can't entirely consist of Messis and Maradonas - you do need your Battys and your Dungas - so journalism needs its water-carriers.

Let us pay tribute today not the glory-hunting war junkies of journalism, but to the staff that quietly obey orders back at base.

Claire Cisotti is a fine example. This picture editor from the Daily Mail has today assembled 15 photos of Kelly Rowland, the X Factor judge and child of destiny. The Mail has demonstrated conclusively that her mole, gasp, moves.

All over her face.

Now it may seem to the casual reader that stuff like this is money for old rope. How hard can it be to find 15 moley photos, you ask.

Well, Paper Monitor has never been a picture editor, but has done its fair share of looking for photos. It can be hard work.

"I want a series of shots of Tony Blair's hair going greyer in the years after his election."

"Yes, boss."

It takes professionalism to execute a task like the moley one, particularly with the knowledge that the Sun had already done a more limited version (three photos), the day before.

So for those about to carry water, Paper Monitor salutes you.

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