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17:37 UK time, Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Best. Nominative. Determinism. EVER!
Jo K, London

Re:Random stat - 1,200 the distance in kilometres (730 miles) a wolf has travelled across the US to find a mate - that's nothing. You should see the distance covered by greyhounds.
John Thompson, Kirkby Lonsdale

Robin (Monday's letters), the article in question clearly states that it is a previously unknown type of plasma, hundreds to 10,000 times as dense as that produced in nuclear fusion experiments. Presumably this form of matter has in fact existed for as long, or almost as long, as the universe itself, so it can't really be called new. Likewise, since sonoluminescence was first observed in the 1930s, you can't really say it was newly discovered. It's more newly discovered to have been something not previously recognised. Is it me, or is the fact that much denser plasma does not produce fusion further confirmation that billions poured into fusion research over the last 50 years could have been more profiatbly invested in other energy technologies?
Ray, Turku, Finland

Defence cuts: Carrier 'fully operational in 2030'. Seems pretty quick to me. Ready by half past eight.
Clive DuPort, Vale, Guernsey

The article about American diners claims that "fluffy pancakes are now global fast food staples". The only pancakes I've seen on sale outside America owe much more to France or the Netherlands than US diners. Am I missing something or is this a misinterpretation of the name of a certain US restaurant chain, IHOP?
Michael, Edinburgh, UK

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