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13:45 UK time, Friday, 25 November 2011

Re the news that the Liverpool Daily Post will now be published weekly, I do hope it doesn't change the name.
Jo, Lichfield, England

I know physics is often complicated but a new state of matter (Plasma) recently discovered? Unless this is a different kind of plasma how is it recently discovered, except in a geological time frame? Isn't the cheapest way to observe it to walk to your nearest electrical retailer and look in the window and certain types of TV, if you don't already have one? Or even more fun one of those "lightening in a globe" toys? Monitorite physicists please elaborate, ideally in words of one syllable. I don't have a lab coat so I can't get it.
Robin, Hiding in the dark matter, UK

Does anyone know what has happened to Stig, London or Candace, New Jersey? They haven't written for ages. Is someone taking their milk in for them?
John Thompson, Kirkby Lonsdale

Such a pity there isn't a comments column at the bottom of the article about the danger signs on the rocks on the beach in Wales, I'm busting to say that the only danger is that you might have, gasp, horror, FUN clambering over them and jumping over the gaps. But then I was a normal child once and used to have loads of fun on the rocks in Folkestone where normal healthy childhood fun wasn't banned. So I'll just have to say it here instead.
Ruth, Southampton

Pah! This is political correctness gone differently sane...
Sue, London

Liam (Thursday's letters), how very un-chav like of you. It should be called a trackie top. I'll get my puffa jacket.
Bryan Poor, Oxford

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